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New Hope

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Meet the Staff

New Hope Weddings is comprised of me, Rev. Charles William Redmon. 

 I was ordained by ULC 2007.  I live and work in the Muncie, Indiana area, and can perform ceremonies within a 70 mile radius of Muncie, give or take a few miles.  There are exceptions as always; please ask.


My affiliation is non-denominational.  I will perform Secular, Non-secular, and interfaith marriages.  They may be indoor, outdoor, at a church, home, or location of your choosing.

My fees are based on days of the week and distance we must travel to officiate, and are much less than other officiants charge.  I do not believe in depleting your bank account just so you can be legally joined together!

Rev. Redmon was raised in a Methodist home till his mother changed Church's in the early 80s then he went to a Apostolic Pentecostal church till he left home.
Rev. Redmon believes in fresh starts and that everyone deserves one

Feel free to come by and meet us!

Muncie, In. 47303
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